Section – A MAGICAL Gutenberg block!

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is already creating a boom with new Gutenberg editor! I’m sure you must have experienced the power and flexibility of the UAG blocks. Pushing our limits further, we are now introducing a magical – Section block for Gutenberg. Yes! A MAGICAL BLOCK! ?

Before moving further, here are a few questions for you…

  • Have you ever wanted to add margin / padding within a Gutenberg block?
  • Would you like to add a nice gradient background for any Gutenberg block?
  • Wish to set content width for a particular block with a nice border in a different color?

If your answer to all or any of these questions is yes, this block will work like magic for you! Section block is a perfect supplement for all other blocks in Gutenberg. This block is an outer wrap section that allows adding other blocks within it. You can have a look at the stunning demo we built with this block.

Here is a detailed list of what this block offers –

  • Manage Full Width and Boxed Content Width for a block with responsive support
  • Add Margin and Padding from all sides
  • Use Background options as Color/ Gradient/ Image/ Video
  • Use Borders with 8 different styles and your favorite color

You can use ANY Gutenberg block within the Section block and apply above properties to it. This block removes all limitations of native Gutenberg blocks and allows you to achieve the more flexible design. We’ve already started working on creating beautiful designs with the Astra Starter Sites.  

Amazing!!! Right? 🙂

How to use this stunning block?

To use Section block all you have to do is install the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg and start using it. To know more about the block refer to a detailed knowledge base article about UAG’s Section Block!
We can’t wait to see some out of the box designs on your websites created using the Section block. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. We would love to see happy reviews in the comments below. In case you need any help simply write to us!

Cheers ?

3 thoughts on “Section – A MAGICAL Gutenberg block!”

  1. Torben Ringsø Jensen

    How can I customize the width of a section? As an example I need as standard ‘Boexed’ width: 1140 px.

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