Complete Website Demos For Gutenberg!

Creating a website from scratch is time consuming since it requires a lot of research, study and design sense to move ahead with. This further builds up when you have an all new editor that you aren’t used to.

We are taking away all that from you!

What if I told you that just like we did for Elementor and Beaver Builder, we are building complete website demos with Gutenberg too?

Sounds interesting! Read on… You’ll love this!

Astra Starter Sites with Gutenberg

With an aim to make website building easier and faster with the all new WordPress block editor, we’ve are building ready-to-use full website demos that can be imported and used as your own.

All these websites are created with 100% FREE resources such as Astra, Gutenberg and the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. Therefore all the website demos are completely free and you can use them to build as many websites as you want.

How to Install and Import these Starter Sites?

Like I said above, we’ve made things simple. You just need to follow a few easy steps, make a few clicks and you are all set to go live!

Make sure you have the Astra theme activated on your website. Install and activate the Astra Starter Sites plugin that is available for free on the WordPress repository.

In your WordPress dashboard, open the Astra Sites page with the option seen under Appearance. This is where we’ve listed all the website demos that we’ve created. Click on the Gutenberg tab to see all websites created using Gutenberg.

Preview any website within the WordPress admin area and see whether it suits your needs. You will also find a list of necessary plugins that can be installed automatically with just a click.

Once you have the required plugins, installed and activated, you can now import the site!

You now have a complete website in which you can tweak the test, images and settings to make it your own! Although we are continuously working on building many more websites for you, here are a few that are available now –

Some Common Questions :

Here are a few queries many of you might have in mind. 🙂

How much do these starter sites cost?

All the starter sites built with Gutenberg use 100% free resources such as the Astra theme and our Gutenberg addon – called the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. Therefore, all these website demos are available for free and you can use them to build as many websites as you want.

Can I deactivate the Astra Starter Sites plugin after importing a website?

Yes you can! The Astra Strater Sites plugin acts as a medium through which you can import and install a website from our cloud server. Once you have the website at your end, you can go ahead and deactivate the plugin.

Will you add new sites?

Yes! We are in process of creating many more website demos using Astra and Gutenberg.

Can I import a starter site on my existing website?

We recommend you to install and import a starter site on a fresh WordPress installation to avoid any loss or overlapping of data.

Have any further queries? Please feel free to post them in the comments below or simply write to us.

7 thoughts on “Complete Website Demos For Gutenberg!”

  1. We tried the add-on along with the Sierra free starter. Installed what it asked for and activated it . It however doesn’t work for us like the demo shows. We did import the settings from demo starter site. Instead of the type scrolling up over the main picture background. Instead the entire page moves up and continues to do so for all of the page unlike the changing background picture on the demo. Did we misunderstand something on using it with the free Astra and the free Gutenberg add-on and getting the same results as the demo shows. Did we need to set something else? We are doing this on our Xampp local server .

    1. A P.S. We reloaded in case it was a cache issue. That did not help but we did notice something odd. It works fine if signed on as admin and preview it on the edit pages. But if we log out and then go to our site it doesn’t. Odd gotcha.

      1. Hello,

        If you haven’t yet done so, could you please open up a ticket at our support center, so that we can take a closer look to see what is happening and help you sooner?

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