Acquire Better Search Rankings with How-To Schema and FAQ- Schema Blocks

How-to and FAQ Schema Blocks with UAG

Schema markup is an important part of the website since it helps search engines to understand the content on the page. This can result in higher search rankings with an increased click-through rate.

To help you display the complex content easily and to pull more traffic to the website, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg introduces two new awesome blocks –

  • How-to Schema
  • FAQ – Schema

As the name suggests these useful blocks come with in-build schema support. They offer ready to use a structure that will save you a lot of time in putting things together. You can fill the required content and go live in minimum efforts.

Let’s see what’s more exciting about these blocks.

How-to Schema

Imagine you need to write a step by step procedure to achieve a certain goal. To frame the process you will need many blocks like the main heading and description, required tools, materials, stepwise text and images, targeted results, etc. Well, this is not all. To make sure your content ranks higher in the search result you will need to add appropriate schema to the page manually.

So much to do, right?

To save you from this hassle How-to Schema block serves you all required things in one place along with inbuilt schema support.

This block can be used to describe the how-to procedures in tutorials, recipes, some routines, etc. You just need to add this block, fill your content and you’re done!

Here are some befits of this block –

Ready-Made Structure to Add Required Fields

This block will give you ready to use fileds for –

  • Main Heading
  • Description and Image
  • Total Time Needed
  • Total Cost
  • Required Tools
  • Things Needed

You would just need to fill the text and your introductory part will be ready.

Add Each Step With UAG Info Box Block

Info Box is one of the popular UAG blocks that will help you adding various content in one place. So for each step, you can add title, prefix, description, image/icon, and call to action. You can manage the colors and typography from individual Info Box.

Add Style to How-To Section

Customize the color, typography, and spacing for the main heading, subheadings, and description.

FAQ – Schema

Before purchasing your product or service users might have some last-minute questions. FAQs at such a point can help them to clear their doubts and bring you a successful sell.

Adding FAQs manually on the page can be time-consuming task. FAQ – Schema block will make this job easy for you.

It gives you readymade boxes where you can add questions and answers. This comes with an inbuilt FAQ schema support that will help your FAQ page rank higher in search results.

FAQ pages will not just bring you more traffic but also offer better user experience, will build trust and help boosting sales.

Here are some befits of this block –

Ready-Made Box That Helps You Add a Single Question – Answer

You just need to add boxes, enter the text and you are done.

Style All Boxes Globally

Once you add all your questions you can style up the parent block. This will give a global styling to all the boxes.

Choose FAQ Layout – Accordion or Grid

You get to choose from prebuild layouts. You can manage them fully with advanced controls. You also get an option to enable/disable FAQ schema. Disabling FAQ schema will let you use this block as an accordion block.

Update UAG to Version 1.15.0

Just update Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg to version 1.15.0 and build useful How-to and FAQ pages easily for your website.

You can explore our documentation on the How-to Schema block and FAQ – Schema block. In case you need any help or want to drop us a message you can write to us through our support center.

See you next time! Cheers!

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