Section is a powerful block for Gutenberg. It is basically the outer wrapper that can be used with any other block. It offers advanced options like padding, margin, different background types, border styles etc. So you can use any other block in the section, and manage spacing and color for it.

Key features –

  • Use section within a section
  • Use section as a wrapper and manage Padding / Margin / Border / Background for any block
  • Offers Full Width and Boxed Width for block
  • Responsive support
  • Background can be set as Image / Color / Gradient / Video

Use section within a section and manage space around it

Use any block or section within a section. Select a UAG section and then add any block from the list to the section. Section provides padding and margin options under the Spacing tab. You can manage padding and margin from all sides.

Offers Full Width and Boxed Width for a block with responsive support

Under the Layout tab, you get an option for Content Width. This width can be managed for the entire section. On responsive devices, section manages the width automatically. So that you don’t get a scroll for the content.

Set background as Color/ Gradient/ Image/ Video

Section offers options to set the background as normal color, gradient. You can choose colors background type under the Background tab and then choose colors. You can even set image or video as a background to the entire section.

Set Border to section

Under the Border tab, you can choose different types of the border. Set width and border radius for the border.