Troubleshooting – Icons missing from the blocks

Are icons missing from your site after updating the UAG to version 1.8.1? Don’t worry, this can be fixed quickly.

Reason for the missing icons

UAG version 1.8.1 holds a powerful update that uses SVG icons over Font Icons. See the benefits of using SVG in the related blog post.

This update replaces UAG’s previous Font Icon library with SVG icon library. So if you have used icons from the UAG blocks earlier, that will disappear.

How to display icons again?

You will have to fetch the SVG icons at the place of previously used font icons. To do this follow the steps –

Step 1: Edit the page on which icons are missing.
Step 2: Click on Update. You don’t need to change any setting just save(update) the page again.

This will fetch the SVG icons and will display them on the page.